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welcome to NICEWARE INC.

this is the home of the projects of basile geon.

[Aug. 30th, 2016] created a new logo, and added some art I've done recently.
[June 23th, 2016] made the background used on!! see the art clearer here.
[Mar. 8th, 2016] finally moved everything I wanted to from the old "site". this includes a truncated art section and the faucet rotator.
[Feb. 22nd, 2016] the website is completely redone! all 100% original code by me, I can finally stop feeling guilty about it. also moved from a repurposed tumblr blog to web hosting!
[Feb. 10th, 2016] created the NICEWARE INC. bitcoin faucet rotator! $$$
[Nov. 18th, 2015] finalized the site! welcome to NICEWARE INC. everyone!
[Nov. 6th, 2015] website first put online!

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